Jackar Snapshooter 34 / f1.8

Jackar Snapshooter 34mm f1.8 is a new lens fully manual lens with Micro 4/3 mount from Jackar Optical. It is rather soft wide open, but can be used when you need a fast lens.

It's supposed to cost only $190 for a package with leather pouch and a lens hood.

Jackar Snapshooter 34 / f1.8 lens details
Produced by Jackar
Lens kind Standard
Lens colours
Is zoom No
Focusing distance 34mm
Aperture f1.8
Autofocus No
Optical Image Stabilization No
Is weather sealed No
Is being produced Yes
Is discontinued No
Jackar Optical Snapshooter 34mm f1.8 Prime Lens Review | meandphotography

Image quality wise is a little bit mixed bag, you won’t be getting any sharp image until you stop down, also focus plane is little bit weird, I will also prefer that if minimum focus distance can be shorter. I can also complain the low contrast image and even with lens hood attached, flare is still very apparent. I probably can complain more but all of the weaknesses can’t stop me enjoy this lens to be frank.

Jackar 34mm is not a perfect lens, but it offer some good choice for photographer with tight budget, and demand some lens to work in low light situation.